Bizarre patchwork squirrel sighted in Greene County, IN

Whoa. What is this? That is the question asked by the Greene County Daily World on their website. A ‘story’ on the matter is titled “A squirrel?”.

Yes, it does appear to be a squirrel, but he’s a little more special than your usual southern Indiana specimen. Check him out:

Patchwork squirrel

Look at this weird squirrel

What do we know so far about the animal? The GC Daily World text is as follows:

“Pauline Dudley of Newberry took this picture of a different-looking squirrel that she saw in her backyard.”

OK, so that’s a start. Newberry. Pauline Dudley. Backyard. But I think we need to know more. For example:

– Is this picture ‘shopped?

– If not, is this a previously-documented squirrel pattern?

– If this variation has a precedent, what makes a squirrel turn out that way?

I’ll get on this and update if I figure anything out.

UPDATE: The Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife says:

“This squirrel, most likely a fox squirrel, is not albinistic from what I can tell.  Albinism is defined as an inability to produce melanin.  So something cannot be ‘part albino’.   This squirrel is what we refer to as partially leucitic [sic – leucistic], sometimes called piebald.  This is cause by a defect in the pigment cell in development.  It is a cool pic.”

Let us cast our minds back to the advent of this blog post. Me: “Could that squirrel be called piebald?” Male companion: “No.”

Needless to say, it is clear which of us had the last laugh.

(Note: I never said the squirrel was part albino and I hope you know me better than that, but a commenter on the Greene County Daily World story did.)

Photo from the Greene County Daily World


My cat has fat tabs – these cats have wings

Sometimes, you fall off a productivity cliff and spend all evening reading about black-eyed kids, the STS-103 photographs and winged cats. We have indisputable proof of cats with wings, and if there is anyone qualified to tell you more about them, it’s cryptozoologist Karl Shuker. Here are the fruits of the “winged cats” tag on his blog:


winged cat