Etching the ephemeral: vegetable scrimshaw and the inner life

radish scrimshaw

“Turmeric on Radish”

I recently posed this question to the Twitterverse:

“Vegetable scrimshaw: deceptively sedate gateway whittling activity, valid art form, or both? Discuss, but be civil.”

Things got pretty profound pretty quickly. So profound that people hesitated to share their true feelings on the subject. They are still hesitating and I have received no responses, but I suspect this is what they’ll say when they get around to it:

“Sometimes, just for a moment, the scrape of blade on carrot drowns out the frozen thrum of infinity.”Anonymous / no longer sure of own name

“The first time a turnip yielded to my art, the cataracts of despair, to which I had grown so wearily accustomed, lifted from my subtle vision. From that day, I have been a devotee of the ‘greengrocer’s marble.’ “George, Maidenhead

“I am in debt and I steal from allotments.”Julie, Wolverhampton