The BK Broiler of Wisdom has come to me in a vision

Last night I had a dream in which I knew I was dreaming but I didn’t know how to wake up. Nearly-lucid dreaming, or just a dream about dreaming and not knowing how to wake up?

During this dream I thought that maybe if I acted unusually in order to disrupt the flow of normal life going on around me (the settings were a Burger King, a charity shop and the innards of some kind of sports stadium), I might be able to stop the process and wake up. But I didn’t take action because I was so enmeshed in the dream that I was afraid of looking silly to those around me. Even though I was fairly sure none of it was real. How lame is that?!

Pretty lame. But I do it in real life. Most of us do. A lot of the stuff we think matters – like the possibility of complete strangers judging us – doesn’t matter. Not even in Burger King.