Memories: the time I asked Jan Brewer’s office for a lung

I leave America alone for five years and this happens:

Governors Gone Wild thread on Something Awful

I had forgotten about Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. I once called her office to ask if she’d give a lung to a cystic fibrosis patient who was pretty much sentenced to death after she cut funding for organ transplants. I explained to one of her staff members that just one lung was being requested – we’d find another from someone else and pair ’em up. It’s the “pass the hat” approach to life-saving surgery. Because things always sort themselves out in the free market, right?

After I went through all of this with the person on the other end of the phone, she said, maintaining textbook American politeness, that Jan Brewer was in a meeting but that she would love to hear my comments. The next morning would be a better time to call if I wanted to speak to the governor.

Did she get that I was snarking or did she think it was perfectly possible to go around combining lung bits for transplantation?

Maybe I should finally make that follow-up call and find out.